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Whole Child to Whole Community

There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.  

- Margaret J. Wheatley



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78 Terrace Avenue, located on a prominent ridge overlooking the 129/64 intersection, that serves as a gateway into the historic town of Murphy, NC. 

The 30,000 square foot, three-story structure constructed originally as a hotel in 1982, is currently entering the last phases of a 10,000 square foot renovation of the lower, ballroom level. The long-term use will provide elective arts space, collaborative lab and culinary work areas designed to provide whole child to whole school education and community transformation. 


The design concept of Cloud Forest Collaborative reflects a free-standing, two-story 'Glass Wall' of transparent green glass or Forest of Columns at the ground floor with sprawling translucent white glass and louvered Cloud above, designating the second floor. The newly created Greenhouse will serve as a multi-use space for social and circulation elements that are exhibited as a sculptural cantilevered 100ft scissor ramp with adjacent circular stair that connects the floors. A second-floor bridge penetrates the 'Glass Wall' as a canopy marking the entry passage through the Forest as well as being a Collaborative Lab.

Blu Sky Initiative wants to educate and transform communities to ensure they thrive today, tomorrow, and forever. We do this by a multitude of one time, short term, long term and ongoing projects that fall within our essential elements of Arts in Public Health, Open Education, and Neighborhood Living. Below are projects to keep your eye on. 



Cherokee County, NC

A formula for math readiness with proven instruction that works the way the mind does.  Learn more here.

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